6 types of coworkers

6 types of coworkers

It’s strange to think you probably spend more time with Susan in Accounts or Phil the Site Manager than with your own mates. You could be lucky though; you might find some good ones in the herd and then work suddenly becomes less like a death sentence.

Don’t be mistaken though; having an ally or two doesn’t mean you can completely escape from the shady and awkward characters in the workplace. They’re everywhere. They’re the kind of coworkers that make you hold off on going into the kitchen to make a cuppa or take your lunch break an hour later to avoid any uncomfortable conversation. If you’ve done this, we’re here to say you’re not alone.

Here we explain some of the common coworkers you might run into.

 1. The Oversharer

We all know the type. How? Because you know with all your might that you definitely did not ask Rita what she was up to the Summer of ‘69 or how her nephew went at his little league game on the weekend. You just didn’t, yet you find yourself hearing about how she travelled Western Europe, back when she was young and carefree. Rita is sweet and means well, but at the end of the day you just don’t care, and that’s ok.


2. The Watercooler Creeper

The Watercooler Creeper, often seen lingering and lurking around the workplace. These ones aren’t too bad if you want to kill some time talking about the weather, despite their creep factor. Just don’t get too close.


3. The Bludger

Hmm yes, we all know that person who walks around looking busy but you still find yourself questioning what it is that they actually do. And to be honest, maybe we’re all a little bit guilty of doing this one, maybe…sometimes. Here’s a few classic signs of a bludger:

  • They’re seen carrying around a folder of some description under their arm,
  • Huffing and puffing around like they’re super stressed, and
  • Often disappear for hours daily… 



4. The Serial Pest

*collective groan* Do we even need to elaborate on this one? They’re annoying as hell, and somehow they manage to magically get all their work done while pestering everyone else. They’re the type that make you irrationally mad for just being there.


5. The Hot Shot

This lad or ladette is good at their job, and they know it. You’re kind of envious, but also kinda not because they’re given a tonne of extra work and you just know how much you appreciate work-life balance. We get it. If anything they’re being inconsiderate by making you look bad.


6. The Lunchbox Lunatic

We hear ya – you just want to eat your $5 Red Rooster meal deal without any judgement, is that too much to ask? Well with old mate Al around it’s near impossible. This person is known to bang-on about how much they lift at the gym and how tasty their tuna and steamed broccoli is. Well you know what, Al? No one believes you. Your tuna looks shit and it’s approximately the 87th day in a row you’ve had it – go away. We’ll stick to our potato and gravy.   

These coworkers sound familiar?

Why not get to know them better at a Strike function? With bowling, laser, karaoke and awesome food and bev packages there’ll be something for everyone.

And who knows, Susan from Accounts might be a little more exciting in a different light (maybe…)