Big Sweaty Day Out.

Big Sweaty Day Out.

For those of you heading to the BDO as it tours around Aus, here are some tips hot off the press from the Sydney iteration of the five-top festival.

While most of the lessons learned from the Sydney experience revolve around ‘not going to a festival when it is the hottest day ever in the history of Sydney ever and you have the skin of a Twilight cast member’, there were also a few surprises delivered by the Big Day Out team et al.

Death Grips – Hailing from Sacramento California, Death Grips are a have-to-be-seen band that combine the beard of James Harden with post punk, hip hop and noise. Rated in the top #10 releases of 2012 by Pitchfork magazine, the harbingers of all that is cool and trendy, Death Grips will definitely polarize live, but will not be forgotten.

The Killers – Even if you have just heard their big singles, go along. Ladies, Brandon Flowers (the frontman) will have you all swooning with his general handsomeness and legendary showmanship. Boys, there will be swooning girls everywhere, so you may be in luck too. Also, their stage show is completely ace and includes: 

  • Glitter Cannons
  • Fireworks
  • Cascading Showers of Sparks
  • More Glitter Cannons

Chow Town – While a diet of hot chips, pre-mixed RTDs and hot young things wearing little or nothing can sustain us all for so long, it’s probably inevitable that at some point in the day you will want something remotely delicious. In 2013 the Big Day Out has a delicious new addition, ‘Chow Town’, which seeks to emulate the success of the concept at Lollapalooza by bringing lots of local culinary geniuses together to hawk their delicious fried wares. Melbourne Chow Town ‘ambassadors’ include Cookie and Huxtaburger, so there is a guarantee of deliciousness.

Tips on Beating the Public Transport Blues – Don’t try to arrive 15 minutes before your favourite band is on. Don’t leave just after the bands finish and expect to be fist pumping in town in the next hour or so. Pretty simple really.

Free Water – Bring along an empty water bottle (or two) and the kind folk will make sure to fill them up for you. Perfect if mid mosh pit you regret eating all that popcorn and or are a general sweaty mess from all the concentrated sweaty people.

Other acts to check out:

Crystal Castles – Frontwoman Alice Glass was voted #1 coolest person alive by NME and once performed 5 months of tours while on crutches.

Foals – Cross your fingers and hope they play Spanish Sahara live.

Yeah Yeahs – Her outfit was beyond zany in Sydney, so should be a hoot so see what she brings out for the rest of the tour.