Escapism to Exitus


The name of the game has changed…

We’ve got a lil ol’ announcement to make. We’re undergoing a bit of a name change. There’s no need to panic – heaps of big wigs do it. Caryn Johnson changed her name to Whoopi Goldberg. The man who was once Ralph Lifshitz is now the designer of the tiny little horse that sits on your luxe polo shirts. Jason Desrouleaux is now Jason Derulo because, let’s face it, no one can actually pronounce “Desrouleaux” and spelling things phonetically is a far more logical anyway. And, this may come as a shock, but Julie Roberts is now far more famously known as… oh. It’s just Julia Roberts.

Anyway, you get the idea. Change is nice. Embrace it.

As of 27 February, Escapism will be known as Exitus. Don’t worry, we’re not changing up the challenge – our awesome puzzle escape room games are staying the same. You’ll still only have 50 minutes. You’ll still be trapped in one room. You’ll still need to do a lot of thinking, and you’ll still have a lot of fun. But now you’re in for a narrow exit.

Remember, everything around you could be a clue – and you’re not getting any hints from the outside. Together you need to find hidden objects, solve riddles, crack clues and beat the clock to escape the room – and now you’ve got eight different room themes to choose from.

You can brave the horror of being chained up in the Butcher’s Burrow or find yourself in the Forensic room – hot on the scent of a serial killer. Maybe you want to get lost in space and our Moonshot mission is more your thing, or perhaps a stroll through the magic of The Enchanted Garden for a family-friendly adventure. You could crack a murder mystery in our Da Vinci case or escape an unfair life sentence in the Jailbreak room. Can you pull off a high-roller Casino Heist or get out of the Injustice of being framed? There’s only one way to find out.

To make things even more exciting, we’re launching an all new Exitus experience at our Macquarie venue, so you can now put your puzzler into power drive at five Strike venues across Australia.

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