Festival must-haves

Festival must-haves

No matter how experienced at the festival game you are, there’s always a mad yet exciting panic once the day arrives. This feeling often arrives the morning of the festival when you realise you haven’t organised a thing and for the life of you, cannot find your ticket anywhere??? We’ve all been there.

Once you pull it together and arrive, the mania hits you and you’re getting carried away with dem ~ good festival vibez ~ and before you know it, you awake the next day resembling a dying lobster because a) it feels like you’re dying and b) you forgot sunscreen existed.

Our inner 85 year old might be coming out here, but take it from us, only a few simple precautionary steps will make life a lot easier.  

  • As previously stated, sunscreen. Although awkward to apply, this is a lifesaver.
  • Sunglasses. Duh, always necessary.
  • A charged phone and/or portable charger. How will you drunk dial with a dead phone? Head to Strike’s Chill n Charge zone to recharge those cellular phones. 
  • Mints/gum: It can be a long day guys, and who knows how many onion-filled kebabs you’ve had by the time you hit the after-party.
  • WATER! A sneaky drink bottle next to your bed is our #1 tip. No one likes waking up feeling like they’ve eaten a sandpit.

And remember Fam, look after your mates.