#LaserMAYhem – Laser Tag. Winner takes it all


Whether it’s on the battlefield, in the classroom or on the footy field, humans have been pitting their strength, stamina and skills against each other for centuries. It’s only natural – everyone loves a spot of healthy competition and, more importantly, everyone loves to win. That’s right, battling it out for bragging rights is one of our favourite pastimes, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the best places to assert your authority. Grab a group of mates and declare war:



It’s free, easy to hook up and you can drop in and out of the action when you want. Playing online multiplayer games such as Call of Duty, Halo, Borderlands and Grand Theft Auto V open you up to a world of people out there who have no qualms about telling you how it is if you let the team down. Luckily you are just a gamer tag and you are only limited by the amount of spare time you have on your hands. It’s an instantaneous rush that we can keep returning to as we respawn and head back into battle. We love it because we can be competitive and make (sometimes) make fools of ourselves in front of no one at all. If you want to be super-smart about it, this is a good manoeuvre: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTQlHJcrbPU



If you haven’t tried it yet, you need to. And when you do – you gotta go full Rambo. So head down to your army disposals store and grab some cheap camo gear, because you know it’s going to get messy. Not only is paintball fun and gives you a full workout, it’s also great for teamwork and tactics – and if your sniper skills are on point, you can inflict a few nice bruises on your opponents. Yes, it is costly if you are spitting pellets like a machine-gun but once you master the arc and flight of your bullets you will start hitting targets like a boss.

Laser Tag

Strike Laser Tag

This fast and furious game has all the benefits of paintball, with the added advantage of not having to trek into the middle of woop-woop to play. Plus you won’t get stung for every barrel of paintball bullets you chew through. Oh and maybe the best bit is you won’t get injured so you can play against a variety of ages – everything is equal in the arenas and you might just be surprised at how sneaky your little sister or boss can be. That’s right – work night out, quality family time – there’s always a good reason to strap on your laser pack and get stuck in. The space is huge and the cover points are plentiful – so you have every opportunity to stun your opponents with some well-timed blasts.

Looking to give laser tag a try? Lucky you…

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