The Space Between Cinema and TV Ad

The Space Between Cinema and TV Ad

We are very excited to present our brand spanking new cinema and tv ad entitled ‘The Space Between’!

The ad was shot in the Melbourne CBD and on location at our Melbourne Central store over three days, and provides an ultra slow-mo and super stylish look at a night out at Strike. Note the soaring operatic music and bizarre, highly stylised images, topped off with a unique French accent. Strange, you say? Damn right. At Strike, it’s time to unexpect the expected.

The concept of the ad, according to advertising agency Loud&Clear creative director, Keith Walsh, was to “create an ad to show a Strike night out in an original way. Strike is not just about bowling, laser or karaoke, it’s about what can happen at any time in any Strike venue”.

The ad will be playing on TV, but also on the big screen too, and director Jordan Prosser “wanted the ad to be a grand, tongue-in-cheek homage to cinema. Strike Bowling doesn’t take itself too seriously, meaning we could get away with a real sense of fun in the commercial, from the hokey french accent, to the ‘Fin’ endboard, the hyped-up symbolism. We knew a cinema audience would get it.”

We hope you enjoy it, and be sure to tell your friends. And then get them to tell their friends, and them their family, and then their pets, and then get the pets to make a funny face and turn it into a meme. UNEXPECT THE EXPECTED!