Top 5 coolest uses for LASERS

Top 5 coolest uses for LASERS

Here at Strike, we know things. We’re real smart. That’s why when you say “oh cool, lasers!”, we’re like “ah yes, Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”, and you’re like “woah, you’re real smart, you really know things”, and we’re like “yep.” So it only follows that we should then tell you all about the:

1. Getting Rats Off Cocaine


Now, I don’t have all the facts and figures about rat cocaine addiction (they’re in my other pants), but I do know that in San Francisco, scientists have been working with cocaine-addicted laboratory rats to cure addictions by firing targeted lasers into the prefrontal cortex of their brains, which is the part of the brain that addiction lives. So far they’ve had a lot of success, claiming that they can ‘turn off’ the addiction in the poor degenerate rodents. The idea of course is to one day be able to apply this technique to humans, although we’re not quite there yet. In the mean time, I can’t help but think how trippy it must be for the rats…
Source: mnn

2. Turning You Into Blake Lively

Have you ever wanted to be a beautiful celebrity like Blake Lively? Well, while 3D imaging using lasers is becoming more and more advanced, it’s still a little bit off full blown cloning, however, laser teeth whitening is definitely here and you can turn your disgusting mishapen mouth bones into a beautiful set of chompers worthy of the finest Beverly Hills oysters, champagne lobster and fine Italian white alba truffle caviar! Basically, the dentist shoots a high intensity laser probe into your face, which hastens the oxidation process and removes stains without any pain or anguish. They also give you Blake Lively’s acting ability!
Source: New Indian Express

3. Popping Popcorn

In 1917, when Albert Einstein first established the theoretical foundations of the laser, his reason for doing so was because his microwave wasn’t working and he was about to watch the new season of Game Of Thrones and wanted some popcorn. FACT.

4. As An Actual Weapon

We’ve all seen Star Wars, and Star Trek, and Dancing With The Stars, and we know that at some point in the distant future we’ll be killing aliens and each other with lasers, but what you might not realise, is that it’s actually right now. The US Navy is currently in the final stages of testing a giant laser, attached to the back of their ships, which can shoot down small planes and boats. It basically focuses a huge amount of infrared energy on the target which catches on fire, kind of like a big blowtorch. It has an unlimited magazine, and has so far proved hugely successful, and a lot cheaper than traditional weapons. No word yet on its effectiveness on TIE-Fighters. Source: Fox News

5. For A Bloody Good Night Out!

And finally, once you’ve cured your heroin-addicted hamsters, got yo’ teeth did, had a lovely bowl of popcorn and shot down the Death Star, really all there is left to do is come on down to Strike Bowling Bar, have a couple of cheeky beers and play a game or five of Laser Tag. By far the most genius laser-related invention of all, laser tag allows you and your friends to shoot each other with lasers, and live to tell the tale. Just imagine how much happier the Stormtroopers would have been if they could have just played laser tag!