Top 5 Karaoke Songs To Master

Top 5 Karaoke Songs To Master

After our friends at Time Out Melbourne outed ‘Africa’ by Toto as the world’s single most deceptively difficult karaoke song we obviously thought it best to throw our two cents into the ring. Duh. We’ve seen our fair share of diva moments, meltdowns and triumphs, so why not?! We’re all for a challenge, which can only mean one thing: its time for YOU pick up the microphone, gather some props, slam down a drink (or three) if you must, and get ready to conquer the world with the top five karaoke songs we reckon you should master.

1. A-Ha: ‘Take On Me’

Best for getting any bouncing, shuffling, shaking or just downright daggy dancing out of your system, ‘Take On Me’ is all about being BIG – think jazz smiles and sparkly fingers. It seduces you with all the glitz and the glamour of the 1980s and for good reason: it’s tacky and it’s brilliant. No surprises, then, that you’ll find yourself on top of the world having seemingly taken on everything that this song throws at you. That is, until you realise too late that you’re deep within the clutches of an awfully, ridiculously, stupidly long, inhumanly-possible falsetto. This song is definitely higher than you realise, which is funny when you think about it because it always seems to draw in the male karaoke vote. Master this and you’ll be the stand out amongst your mates.

2. George Michael: ‘Freedom’

A truly killer choice, ‘Freedom’ will suck you in with its sprawling lyrics, unbeatable attitude, and upbeat rhythm that makes you feel like you can achieve anything….until you hit the unexpected key changes. It’s seemingly tame for a good three minutes, and then bam! It’ll have you going from hero to zero in literally five seconds. No joke. There’s only so many ‘freeeeeedom!!!’s you can belt out and George Michael will always be able to do one more bigger and better than you. Get your grown up, murder bloody murder, lungs out for this one.

3. Destiny’s Child: ‘Say My Name’

‘Say my name, say my name, when no one is around you, say baby I love you, if you ain’t running game, blur blah blah, blur blah BLAHHHH…’ Yep. Every. Single. Time. Destiny’s Child brings in the crowd – ladies, holla at me – but it’ll leave you high and dry when you hit anything outside of the chorus. Tell me, HOW do Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle manage to sing through all those versus without hitting each other out of frustration?! It’s probably the reason why they’re one of the best supergroups of the early 2000s, to be honest. If you can manage to get in every single word without losing your breath or falling over you truly deserve a medal. And for someone to say your name.

4. Sinead O’Connor: ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’

Putting aside the fact that I can’t understand why anyone would possibly ever pick this song because of the level of boredom it exudes, it’s not totally groundbreaking news that Sinead O’Connor’s greatest hit will leave you out in the cold thanks to an awkwardly long instrumental passage. Cue this: you loitering on the stage, standing there like an idiot waiting for it to end. Who in their right mind would put themselves through that?! A karaoke hero. That’s who.

5. Whitney Houston: ‘I Will Always Love You’

There’s a reason why the memory of Whitney lives on, and one of them is this song. One for the truly confident or the stupidly foolish (or the truly foolish and the stupidly confident) depending on how you view it, you’re going to need EVERYTHING for a track that throws absolutely everything back at you – breathless versus, an emotive chorus, and long lonnnnnnnnnng notes that break every limit of singing you thought humanly possible. If you can even get yourself into Whitney’s range you’re doing well. Conquer this and you’ll have captured the karaoke crown.