Top 5 Shows To Watch Now That Breaking Bad is Over

Top 5 Shows To Watch Now That Breaking Bad is Over

Now that Walter White has left our lives forever with the Breaking Bad series finale, what to do? WHAT TO DO? The story may not continue but the good news is that the show is sure to leave a legacy as one of the best of all time. It’s over, yes, but that doesn’t mean your first option has to be to watch the entire series all over again. Let it linger, you know what we’re saying? While it might feel like no television series will ever match of Breaking Bad again, things move on. Here’s our pick of the top five shows that’ll help you fill the void in your life now that Breaking Bad is over.

1. The Sopranos


The gold standard. One of the greatest television shows to have ever aired, The Sopranos set the standard for every series to follow it. Exploring the pursuits of Italian-American mobster Tony Soprano (the late James Gandolfini), it’s not too dissimilar from Breaking Bad – in between trying to balance a life of crime and family, outstanding storytelling and endless questions of morality define this series. Watch it in its complete beauty from beginning to end on DVD.

2. Game of Thrones


It has nothing to do with drug dealing but the alternative to Breaking Bad in the world of 2013 television hyperbole is Game of Thrones. Widely talked about and complete with mind-blowing episode endings, it’s all blood and backstabbing while families fight for the rule of the fictional land of Westeros. Super easy to get lost in because of the drawn out story arcs and the (sometimes) appearance of dragons, the focus is on each character’s journey which makes it not too different from the confines of Albuquerque. Game of Thrones is currently in between seasons, with season four coming in early 2014, but that’s no excuse not to catch up on the other eps before it returns.

3. The Wire


No argument about the best television show in history can ignore The Wire. Somewhat of a cult favourite, it’s garnered widespread attention over the past few years to be able to hold itself up in the same league as The Sopranos – simply unmissable. Enter the minds of complex characters from all sides of Baltimore’s drug trade – police officers, corner dealers, reporters and innocent bystanders – and watch the layers develop in a familiar style to Breaking Bad, including the high intensity. It might take a lot of attention to keep up with storylines specifically opaque and characters often appearing before disappearing, but it’ll blow your mind in the long run. Grab the complete series on DVD now. Too good.

4. Homeland


If you prefer up-to-the-minute drama, then Homeland is your go-to: the third season has just premiered in the US, which means we can stream it online with amazing stealth. Watch Claire Danes’ amazing cry face as CIA agent and terrorist-fighter Carrie Mathison: you’ll see it a lot. It’s probably because the storyline twists with constantly shifting allegiances, which makes it sort of hard to keep up, but then again it also feels like no one is ever in control just like Breaking Bad. The intensity is super high, which makes for somewhat stressful viewing, but once it’s levelled out you’ll be rewarded with an experience that lingers in your mind for days to come. Catch up on season one and two on DVD and you’ll be set to join the action.

5. Mad Men


Beautifully shot and on a slow-burn, Mad Men is one of the best examples of how amazing well executed long-form storytelling can be. Set in the 1960s the show follows the pursuits of Madison Avenue’s advertising ‘mad men’ at the fictional agency Sterling Cooper, with Don Draper’s (Jon Hamm) life at the core. There’s less blood and less action than Breaking Bad but the story arcs are equally as satisfying and the character development is sublime. Even better is the series’ attention to history and the social mores of the US during the era, which make for a fascinating change of mood. The seventh and final season is currently in production and will be split into two parts, the first coming in early 2014.