Top 5 Things To Know About DartsLive

Top 5 Things To Know About DartsLive

DartsLive. Darts. Live. Live darts? Darts that are ALIVE? No. Darts that are live? Yes. Don’t know much about DartsLive? Confused after looking at the word for so long? We’re here to help. Do you like throwing things? DartsLive is the latest in darts technology! Revolutionising the old school game that’s usually mostly always reserved for greying men, we’ve brought a new type of action to Strike: we’ve got the very first DartsLive in NSW! The full blown game environment will blow your mind, but firstly, take our crash course on everything you need to know about DartsLive…

1. Online Interaction

DartsLive is online

DartsLive utilises an online network of machines to create a truly interactive and global gaming experience. Connect, play and challenge distant opponents! What makes DartsLive even more unique is the handy identification card you’ll receive when you first play – whilst giving you access to the exciting world of interactive games, it’ll record all your dart play information, which means you can check your game stats at any time. With your personalised profile you’ll be competing in tournaments around the world and in real time, live!

2. Different Gaming Modes

Dartslive has different game mods

DartsLive gives you the best of play with a myriad of gaming modes. It’s definitely NOT your usual pub darts, or the sad corkboard hanging on the wall of your shed gathering dust. From selectable bullseye points – 25/50 or 50/50 – cricket games or party favourites like ‘Castle Bomber’ or ‘Survivor’, you’ll find your best fit.

3. Hear More

DartsLive lets you hear more

Forget about having to listen to your mates drone on as you strike your target – with DartsLive’s dynamic inbuilt sound technology, your game has suddenly scored another win for interactivity! High quality sound sources and powerful sound effects let you BULL and AWARD to stir up the game in the heat of the moment.

4. See More

DartsLive lets you see more

With an enlarged main score display and sequential game score as well, DartsLive has a crystal clear presentation which means that no one will be jumping turns or trying to sabotage your success. Keep the order of your players in tact – during a cricket match, opponents and scores are displayed simultaneously on the same screen, helping you to build great game strategy!

5. Less Wobbles

DartsLive is awesome

There’s nothing like a wobbly target to put you off, and even potentially ruin (!), your game. DartsLive has done a bit of thinking, targeting this too common and awfully frustrating problem with an improved structure. Pretty simple, hey? The softer plastic composition of the board means that your targets are held more firmly by the steel tip darts, but also can be pulled out from the board much more easily. The worldwide standard 15 inch target area remains, but these little thoughts and improvements make DartsLive all the more seamless.