Valentines Day – Top 10 Worst Gifts + Bonus Sexy Music Mixtape

Feb 14th always conjures up a mixed bag of emotion. Unfortunately if you are in any kind of relationship, you will feel compelled to give your other half a gift of some description on Valentines Day. There are many great gift ideas out there however, these we recommended you stare clear of these top 10 worst gifts!

1. Edible meat undies

2.The ‘Sweet-Shirt’

3. Why not get in early and sort out her funeral plans?

4. Plastic flowers….seriously.

5. If you need to buy this, you’re more of a dummy then her.

6. Fundies

7. Tongue Scrapers…ewww

8. Novelty toilet paper – Kinda crappy

9. Crabs.

10. This card.

However, a sure fire way to win her over is with some sultry tunes to get her in the mood, so here is a minimix from 2 very cool cats called Bondax out of the UK. This mix tape is 100% guaranteed to swoon and impress.

*Guarantee is not guaranteed.